Based in the White Mountain region of Northern New Hampshire, Above the Notch is a non-profit Humane Society servicing the Littleton, Bethlehem, Franconia, Sugar Hill, Easton, and Lisbon regions of NH. ATNHS seeks to provide assistance to needy animals via food, shelter, socialization and veterinary care; to the community with regular obedience classes, adoption support, animal care education, and spay/ neuter clinics; and support other area animal shelters and rescue leagues by assisting with their programs and needs.

ATNHS dogs are housed at Littleton Pet Center Littleton, NH, Ebony Kennels in Plymouth, NH or may be in foster care. Please contact ATNHS at 603-444-6241 or atnhs.email@gmail.com to schedule an appointment to visit with dogs that are available for adoption. LPC is located at 1985 St. Johnsbury Road. Ebony Kennels is located at 661 Mayhew Turnpike, Plymouth, NH.

Mission Statement:

General Mission: Above the Notch Humane Society is a humane society that exists to provide protection for unwanted or abused animals in Littleton and the surrounding areas of northern New Hampshire and Vermont. The Society also has a responsibility for public education in the areas of animal care and welfare.

Means for Accomplishing the Mission

1. Ongoing Programs:

  • Assist in the placement of stray or unwanted animals.
  • Provide medical treatment for stray or abused animals.
  • Sponsor obedience classes for behavior management of pets.
  • Promote regular low-cost spay/neuter and rabies clinics.
  • Develop working relationships with local veterinarians.
  • Support foster care where appropriate.

2. Long Range Planning:

If practical, future plans may include building a shelter to house homeless animals.

Our Programs:

  • Adoption
  • Surrender
  • Neuter/spay clinics
  • Fundraising
  • Open House
  • Behavior Training
  • Foster Care