Who We Are

Based in the White Mountains region of Northern New Hampshire, serving Littleton, Bethlehem, Franconia, Sugar Hill, Easton, Lisbon and other surrounding communities, Above the Notch Humane Society is a 501(c) 3 non-profit no-kill organization providing assistance to stray and surrendered dogs via food, shelter, socialization, and veterinary care. We have also been known to assist with animal neglect and abandonment situations as well as searches for lost dogs and providing education to the community on animal related issues.
When a Dog Comes to ATNHS

When a Dog Comes to ATNHS

Each dog starts out with a visit to the vet. The dog is brought up to date on vaccinations and any medical needs are attended to. The dogs are then scheduled to be neutered or spayed. During the first week that a dog is at the ATNHS, he or she adapts to their new environment. Once the dog has seen a vet they are put on our website, Pet Finder and promoted in a variety of ways.
The Adoption Process

The Adoption Process

The adoption process involves a written application and an interview with one or more members of our Adoption Team. We ask for and check vet and personal references. We ask that all members of the potential adoptive family, and any family dogs, come to visit with the Adoption Team and with the dog they are considering adopting. Our goal is to make the first adoption the best and final adoption, and our priority is what is best for the dog.



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